Systems and solvent-borne coatings for exterior

Sirca produces solvent-based coatings for exterior wooden substrates. Discover all the products and complete painting systems.

Linee Prodotto

Solvent-borne coatings for exterior wooden substrates, perfect for painting and protecting wood such as window frames, garden furniture and decking. Their special formulation makes these products versatile and applicable on any wood essence, without forgetting quality and resistance.


Extreme oils

The Sirca Extreme oils product line consists of synthetic oils suitable for painting wood essences in general, also exotic, used outdoor. They are easy to apply, by brush, spray or […]

Coating systems

The coating systems determine how to apply the products to reach the maximum yield and allow to enhance the aesthetic characteristics of the wood, its properties and its resistance.


Sirca 4ALL

Sirca 4ALL is a selection of coating systems that include solvent based acrylic wood coatings  for exterior, suitable for painting of garden furniture, doors and windows and wooden structures […]