Solvent-borne coatings for interior

Sirca produces solvent-based coatings for interior wooden substrates. Discover all the products and complete painting systems.

Product lines

Solvent-borne coatings for interior, perfect for painting and protecting wood such as chairs, furniture, tables, doors and panels. Their special formulation makes these products versatile and applicable on any wood essence, without forgetting quality and resistance.



PE-Cover is the line of sealers and topcoats for professional solvent-based interiors suitable for the preparation and finishing of coffins, furniture in general, furnishing accessories and kitchens. Redox products of polyester nature, clear and pigmented […]



SmartSolv is the solvent-based professional interior line suitable for painting flooring, furniture in general, furnishing accessories and kitchens. They are bi-component products of  polyurethane and acrylic nature, which effectively protect the coated substrate with clear […]



Provocazioni is a line of special paints oriented to the innovative and creative architecture and design sectors. The purpose of this particular product line is to provide a key tool for the competitiveness of our […]

Coating systems

The coating systems determine how to apply the products to reach the maximum yield and allow to enhance the aesthetic characteristics of the wood, its properties and its resistance.


Innovation LEED

Innovation LEED is a line of clear and pigmented  solvent-based coatings, suitable for painting furniture, furnishing complements and structural wooden materials.

These are coatings that are part of the LEED program […]


Sirca Flameshield

Flameshield is a selection of solvent-based fireproof coating products, suitable for painting furniture, flooring and furnishing accessories. They consist of two-component coatings, which provide to the painted support fireproof properties while […]


Sirca PROnature

Sirca PROnature is a series of coating systems including solvent-based paints, characterized by low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or aromatic-free , suitable for furniture and furnishing […]


Sirca Natural

Sirca Natural is a range of wood coating systems with solvent and waterborne for interior, suitable to the painting of veneer raw or pre-tinted. Pre-tinted […]