Waterborne coatings for interior.

Sirca produces waterborne coatings for interior wooden substrates. Discover all the products and complete coating systems.


Products range

Waterborne coatings for interior use, ideal for painting and protecting wood such as furniture, chairs, tables and doors. Their special formulation makes these products respectful of the environment and of the user, without forgetting quality and efficiency.



Lynfaqua is a line of water based coatings , suitable for painting systems for furniture, flooring and furnishing accessories. Mono-component or two-component, it allows to enhance the coated substrate with performing products clear or pigmented . When painting a wooden artefact what is desired is that its […]



S-COVER is a line of water-based wood coatings for interior and exterior, formulated with raw materials PLANT BASED. The S-COVER product line is complete and allows to apply clear and pigmented matt coating systems for various surfaces such as: furniture […]

Coating systems

The coating systems determine how to apply the products to reach the maximum yield and allow to enhance the aesthetic characteristics of the wood, its properties and its resistance.


Sirca Natural

Sirca Natural is a range of wood coating systems with solvent and waterborne for interior, suitable to the painting of veneer raw or pre-tinted. Pre-tinted veneer is commonly used in the furniture industry and, in order to enhance its beauty […]


Sirca LEM Line

The need to decrease VOC emissions into the atmosphere pushed the Middle East area in 2015 to regulate, with the issue of DMS20: 2015 , the products used for the production and painting of furniture and interior accessories and furnishings, windows, garden furniture and outdoor structures in […]